Make a Statement in Dex Clothing

Make a Statement in Dex Clothing

Keep it classy in fashionable apparel

Make the most of your year by upgrading your wardrobe. Shop with Barb's Dresser Drawers in Woodstock, New Brunswick to find the best item for your personal style. We carry the popular clothing line Dex. What makes this brand so alluring? Its affordable prices. You can look good and stick to your budget.

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What can you expect from Dex clothing?

When it comes to stylish clothing that doesn't break the bank, Dex is a fashionable option. Dex offers a variety of clothing options to choose from. Barb's Dresser Drawers carries fabulous Dex items like:

Shirts and blouses


Denim jeans

Skirts and dresses

We also carry the swanky Black Tape line, too. Check out our boutique to see what we have in stock from Dex.